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How to Earn Money with Blog Writing

The urge of making online money has increased tremendously due to digitalization. In recent years, due to the pandemic, many businesses have also shifted towards online platforms for their survival.

And now online work has become a trend. Online working is easy as it does not require a location and prior investment in most cases. You can target a large audience and sell your services to them all from your website.

Ways to Make an Online Money

There are different methods by which you can earn money online. The easiest way is blogging. It is a very versatile field and has different segments. Following are the five ways that you can use to make a living online using a blog.

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  • Monetize Your Blog with Ads

It is the easiest and free-of-cost method of making online money. All you have to do is to show relevant ads on your website. Ads should be according to the online content. These ads increase the traffic to the website and give it a customized look.

When we talk about monetizing your blog with ads, we don’t mean that you are just limited to Google Adsense. You can actually get in touch with companies and brands in the same niche as yours, and make some sort of arrangement with them for showing their ads on your site. You can, for example, talk about a certain product in a blog post and advertise it, etc.

But to do this your content should be unique and original. Any plagiarized content will be blacklisted by Google and monetization will fail. Your website can also be blocked. So, for this method, original work is the demand.

  • Write Guest Posts for Multiple Platforms

Guest blogging or guest posting refers to a write-up process. In this act, a person writes content for other websites. Through these blogs, the company gains customers and introduces itself to the market.

Unique and original content helps to gain organic traffic. In the content, you can also provide external links that boost the domain authority of a website. Guest posting is very important in online business as it develops relationships with industrial peers and creates brand awareness.

So, whenever a person makes an online business, they require a writer to write guest posts. If you are a good writer who can write catchy content, you can earn money through guest posting. All you need is a strong vocabulary and good SEO skills.

To write unique content you can use many tools. These tools help you to create original SEO-based content. Mostly these tools are free to use and they can rewrite content in different styles. Once the article is rewritten, there are very thin chances of it being recognized as plagiarism again.

This increases organic traffic and saves content from copyright issues. 

  • Get Blog Writing Work from Freelance Platforms

There are many platforms on which you can sell your services such as Upwork and Fiverr. On these platforms, you can create your profile and show your portfolio to people. Every day thousands of jobs are given by these platforms, especially in content marketing and SEO.

If you are a good writer having an attractive portfolio you can bid for a writing job via sending a proposal. You can find multiple jobs like writing blogs on different niches such as food, travel, and pets.

You can also get jobs writing scripts, products description, academic writing, guest posting, and affiliate blog writing. Every project has a different time duration, and they can be good for making a strong portfolio.

  • Work with Blog Marketing Agencies

Many agencies hire content writers for writing blogs on different niches. You can join these agencies. These agencies provide you with the topic, keywords, and necessary helpful tools.

All you have to do is to make use of the given resources and generate quality content. You can also choose a niche for yourself. As these agencies do not have a single topic, you can also learn about many other subjects as well.

You can master yourself in listicle articles, product descriptions, podcasts, keyword research, etc. So, by working under these agencies, you can not only earn money but can also make a good portfolio.

  • Write Sponsored Content on Digital Products

Before doing some online shopping, people almost always read reviews of the products they want to buy. For this purpose, blogs having product descriptions and feedback are very significant. These types of blogs have the highest chance of getting a ranking.

So for writing, you can select any product. Mostly listicle articles are written on products. You can, for example, write on the top 10 best laptops or the top 12 brands for home appliances.

You can also write sponsored content on digital products. Many companies advertise their products by writing blogs about them. This is a Growth hacking strategy of digital marketing.

These blogs are easy to write. You just have to search on products a little and the rest of the material you can find on the brand website. Moreover, the company will pay you a good amount for writing for them.


Online work is an excellent solution to beat unemployment. You can earn a handsome amount through different online platforms. It is a slow and steady process, but if you become an expert in it then you keep on progressing exponentially.

Among different methods, blogging is the easiest to adopt. You can make different blogs and can show ads on them to earn money. You do not require a physical setup for this purpose. Just a good profile and an impressive writing style are enough.

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